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DCM Melangers 70

Diamond Custom Machines, our innovative engineering is focused on manufacturing quality, low-impact refiners for making fine chocolate, nut, and seed butters. Low-impact processing allows for optimal retention of nutritional value and at the same time prolongs shelf-life. Our machines are easy-to-use and highly reliable, thus maximizing production while minimizing downtime. In designing our machines, we partner with established artisans in order to better understand what they look for in a refiner and to design with those needs in mind. We consistently hear that users want a machine that is simple to operate, low in maintenance that is backed up by top-notch, highly responsive customer service. We strive each day to meet those expectations. All DCM large capacity refiners are constructed the same way using the same high-quality materials. The main differences between the models are the size and capacity.

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Annalakshmi Commercial Tilting Grinder

Diamond Trading Inc. is an exclusive distributor for Sivanesan Group of Companies who manufacture Premier range of cookware and appliances. Premier, India's leading cookware and home appliance brand is trusted and used in more than 30 million households around the world and growing steadily. Gaining the customers trust is vital for any brand. It takes years of research and development, delivering products to the market that meet the supply needs and it takes years of performance in the most demanding kitchen to ultimately gain the trust of a customer. Premier has gained this trust in customers. Premier products are manufactured to high quality standards. Premier products have received quality certifications from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) of USA, European quality markings (CE), the Bureau. Of Indian Standards (ISI) and ETL Semko (S). Diamond Trading prides in customer satisfaction. We not only distribute products but also provide after sales support. This after sales support has helped our customers and our dealers to trust and purchase Premier products in the USA. Buy it with confidence and enjoy years of performance in your kitchen.repare soft idlies, crunchy dosas, crispy vadas and tasty chutney’s with our commercial wet grinders. Commercial grinders are available in traditional and tilting models. The traditional models are available in 5 liter and 10 liter capacity sizes. The Tilting grinders are available in 10 liters and 20 liters. All commercial grinders are fitted with high quality UL certified Motors for quiet and long lasting performance. Our wet grinders have a proven track record of excellent performance in a number of premier restaurants in USA and Canada for more than 10 years. We do not compromise on quality or performance. We offer 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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How to Apply for Non -Availability of Birth Certificate ,how to get non availability of birth certif

NABC is short for Non-Availability Of Birth Certificate. This is issued when the person has no birth certificate.It may be acquired Online registration as well as directly from the municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam). A person must have birth proof, AADHAR, Affidavits and Address proof with a covering letter. How to Apply for Non Availability of Birth Certificate

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